Games are part of our childhood. The memories we've built together with our playmates are irreplaceable. I think people who were kids in the 90's will relate to the following games more than today's generation, as the kids of today focus more on technology.


This game is very well known in the Philippines. All the children have played it before (mostly girls, but the boys also play it some. I personally love this game. This is why I became a team leader, called the "mother". Chinese garter can either be in triangular form or a simple horizontal line which two people are holding both ends of the stretched garter. Another two people (the players) will jump on it and the mother jumps first. The goal of this game is to cross over the garter without hitting your foot on it. If the players fail, the two people holding the garter will become the players and vice versa. The garter will go higher every round (upward direction from the ankle to the knee and continue to level up until the garter reaches the top of the head). Don't be confused on the name. Trust me. It is a filipino game.


This is an outdoor game that requires physical strength. It is mostly played by filipino children. Luksong baka is one of my childhood games that I still love. I still want to play it. To play, one player will crouch and the other players will jump over the crouched person. The player who is crouching will slowly stand up as the game progresses, which makes it harder for the players. When the one jumping touches the baka who is crouching, that is the time they'll exchange places. This game left me with scars, especially on my elbows and knees, but all the scars are because I enjoyed luksong baka during my childhood days.


This game almost made me fall into the open drainage at the side of the basketball court near our house, but I had fun back then. This game is more fun and challenging when you play on the streets. To play this game, it needs to have 2 teams; the defense team and the attack team, with 5 players each. The goal is that the attack team should run along the perpendicular lines from the home base to the back end without being tagged by the defense team.


This is a little similar to luksong baka. Both games have the word "lukso", which means "jump". The only difference is that this game uses hands/fingers as the thorns known as "tinik". The thorns consist of two people sitting on the ground and facing each other with the soles of their feet touching. You can play with only three players, but more than three will make the game more fun. All you have to do is successfully jump on every level, and avoid touching the thorns, because if that happens, you will have to replace the ones sitting and you will be the one to create the thorns. To choose who will first jump and who will be the thorn, you play rock-paper-scissors.


Dampa is a game that uses both hands and rubberbands, known as lastiko. The game is simple. Two players will bet their lastiko, pile it on the ground, and alternately dampa it. 'Dampa' is forming dome-shaped palms to produce air when struck against the ground. A player will win if he/she is able to move an odd number of rubber bands beyond the service line, but if an even number of rubber bands goes beyond the line the opponent will take the rubber band. Take note that if the player continuously moves an odd number of rubber bands, the opponent can't dampa, not until the movement of an even number of lastiko. Dampa is a little painful to the hands (based on my experience) but it was an awesome experience for me.


Takyan, also known as Sipa or Kick, is an outdoor game. The takyan (shuttlecock) that is used in the game is usually made of a plastic straw or a candy wrapper. I don't understand why other filipino find this game easy, but this is a very challenging game for me, especially when using the feet. Anyway, this game is played by multiple players (it's up to you). The goal of this game is to keep the shuttlecock or takyan from touching the ground. The player who does the most number of kicks has the possibility to win the game. By the way, in kicking the takyan you will just use your elbows, palms or feet.


Oh, this game! The tagu-tagu-an means hide and seek. During our time, this game was played with as many players as we could get and there was only one hagu or 'it' of the game. The 'it' is the one who will close his/her eyes while facing and bending on either a wall or a tree. The other players would directly find a hiding place while the 'it' is counting up to 100. After that, the hagu will look for them, but sometimes, if the hagu is not in the right place, a player can run to the wall and shout 'save'. Remember to avoid being called or seen by the "It", because there is a big possibility that you will be the next hagu, if all of the other players have saved themselves. Also, this game is either played inside the house or in the backyard.


Slippers is useful on this game. You will also need a can. "Tumba" means fall and "preso" means prisoner (which refers to the can). The game is simple. Have one slipper to use for hitting and an empty can that will represent the center of the game. There will be at least 5-10 players and you have to choose one hagu or "It". The objective of the game is to hit the can and make it fall, then try to get back the other slippers thrown by other players before the hagu stands the can up again. It is a fun game because it is also combined with running (adrenaline rush) so that the 'it' won't catch you. Enjoy!


This game makes your nails and hands dirty. After playing, you'll definitely will need to wash your hands. "Jolen" is known as marble. There are different colors of marbles, but the color doesn't determine if you will win or not (haha). This game is a race to the finish line. There will be at least four holes that are slightly bigger than the size of the jolen, but the holes must be spaced out from the others. I have played this game before. You need to be skillful in either hitting your opponent's jolen or shooting into the holes. Take note, that if the opponent's marble is hit, it will return to the first step. Because of that, you have a big opportunity to finish first. This is a fun game, yet you have to be very attentive and wise while playing.


This game is the most artistic and educational game for me. You will just simply assign each of your playmates a role in the family--either the father, mother or children. You will build a house consisting of used boxes such as ones for a refrigerator, tv, and other things. Also the chairs, tables, blankets, or anything you can us to build a good house. This bahay-bahayan (playhouse) game is like a theater act. Those who are assigned on different roles will act on it and will live happily ever after. Don't be confused if a girl will sometimes be assigned as the father, because they have no choice (that's true). These are just some of the outdoor and indoor traditional games in the Philippines. We have a lot of games based on the different cultures of every region. Despite of it, every filipino is still connected at the heart.

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