Recognizing Scam Artists In the Philippines

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

The internet can be a dangerous place sometimes, but we can help you through it.

There are fewer scam artists in the Philippines when compared to other countries, but all cultures have a few bad apples. Here is a list of the top seven ways to recognize potential scams.

“They will then blackmail you by threatening to send the videos to all your contacts including your family if you don't send them money. There is no guarantee that after you pay, they will stop blackmailing you.”

1. They Avoid Video Chatting

If someone is truly interested in having a relationship with you, they would want to be able to see you when talking to you. If they avoid video chatting it could mean that they have something to hide.

2. They Don’t Introduce You To Family

If they are not wanting you to meet their family without a good reason, then you might want to consider why. It could be because they are doing something their family would not approve of, such as scamming men for money.

3. They Ask For Money Shortly After Meeting You

Sometimes they will just come right out and ask for money. The smarter ones will lead you on for a few days and then have some type of a family emergency, such as a car wreck, or someone being put in the hospital.

4. They Tell You They Don’t Have Social Media

Very rarely, will you find a girl in the Philippines that has a dating account but doesn’t have a Facebook account, so be suspicious if she tells you she doesn't. It could be that she doesn’t want you to see pictures of her husband and children, or it may be so new it’s obviously fake. If she does give you a Facebook account make sure it looks like it is being used and was created a while ago.

5. She Doesn’t Want To Be “Facebook Official”

If she doesn’t want to make things public on Facebook after an appropriate amount of time, this could be a bad sign. This might not be a scam per say, unless you send her money. However, it does show a lack of commitment and it’s probably best to move on to find someone else.

6. Video Chatting But Her Microphone Is Broken

This is a common scam where they will patch through a video they recorded usually from a "cam girl" and pretend they don't have a mic. You will see a beautiful woman sitting on a couch on her phone appearing to be texting back and forth with you. Usually you can ask them to do something, like hold up three fingers to verify they are real. But every now and then, scam artists will pay real women to scam you.

7. She Sends Inappropriate Photos Or Acts Inappropriately Quickly

A very common scam is when they try to get you to send inappropriate photos or act inappropriate on video... They will then blackmail you by threatening to send the videos to all your contacts, including your family, if you don't send them money. There is no guarantee that after you pay, they will not continue to blackmail you.

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