All of us have different, attractive qualities that make us an interesting or pleasant person. In reality, we all have certain personality traits that may not be so attractive. There is always an unpleasant side that wars with every good side. In this article we will talk about some characteristics and moods of a filipina. If you have a filipina partner, try to observe and understand her.


A filipina will become a dragon on fire and an impatient woman if she's on her monthly period and you will be confused on how you'll approach her. For example, the guy wants to cuddle with her girl but she is not in the mood. She doesn't want to be touched, not on even a single part of her body, so basically you have to stay away from her for a while. I find myself to be this way every time I have my monthly period, I don't want to talk to people and I don't have patience on everything. It is so funny, but it's true. You just have to understand your woman and she will do the same to you if you got "tantrums" too.


Filipinos have the attitude that there is no decision made without considering their family. Because of this, you can't expect her to prioritize you and be with you quickly. This is how she has been raised by her parents. You men have to consider this if you really want your girlfriend to be yours forever. I believe that if the guy respects and loves his girl for who she was before he came, then he should still value those same traits after she's with him. This will win her over and it will make her love you all the more.


In the Philippines, it is normal for the girl to be shy during the first meeting. but when she get comfortable towards you, she'll start to show you her crazy side. This is based on my observation. I know that Filipinos tend to have this characteristic. For example, there is karaoke during fiesta. A filipina will wait for someone to approach her about singing karaoke. That will be the time she will be happy to showcase what she has, even if she has a bad singing voice. Yes, it is all about the fun and being crazy that makes the moment very memorable for the people around you. You just have to go with her craziness, enjoy and be entertained. It is guaranteed you will not be bored around her.


A filipina is often described as a person who has a big heart. Filipinos are a generous and helpful kind of people. I can say that if you find a filipina soulmate who has a big heart, you are definitely a part of it, too. Her big heart leads her to be helpful and giving. even if she only has a little to share. She will still use it to bless others. For example, she may want to donate to the church or to a house of children with disabilities. Also, it is natural for Filipinos to help our neighbors who are in need. In the end, a filipina deserves a guy who will appreciate and take care of her big heart.


Filipinos are known to be a hospitable kind of people. This is because we value our visitors, the tourists and our fellow citizens. You will surely fall in love with the warm hospitality a filipina will show you. It is in our culture to treat everyone special. We want them to have a comfortable stay in our country. In my own experience, every time I visit my friend's house, their family will always welcome me with greetings and ask me if I have already eaten. If I haven't, they will give me food and tell me to make myself comfortable. I believe that hospitality is a part of our nature. It comes natural to us.


Each one of us is capable on being a loving and caring person, but especially the Filipinos. I can say that most filipina women are both loving and caring because they show love by actions and being sweet. It is about cooking food for your husband before he leaves home and again before he returns, preparing his clothes, having surprises and being a faithful wife. Love isn't always about words, but it should be with actions and sincerity. Filipina women can be the sweetest, yet can also be the toughest individual you will ever know.


Filipinos are hardworking people and they are willing to work the whole day just to gain money to support their family. A filipina is working to help her family and to save for her future. We don't depend ourselves to others or our own husband because we have the strength to work and it is to avoid being a burden to everyone. A farmer is an example to it, either a man or a woman, they work hard even if they don't earn that much on that job. A filipina can work both in the house and on her chosen job. You won't have a problem on her when it comes to balancing her work and personal life.


You can see lots of Filipinos who always smile and don't mind if they get a smile in return. This is our weapon to show to others that we're fine, happy and contented despite having problems, challenges and unexpected circumstances. It is in the nature of Filipinos that whatever happens, you should not forget to smile and be happy. Always choose to be positive in life because nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and you have faith in God.

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