What To Expect From Your Filipina Soulmate

7 Helpful Insights into your Filipina

Seeing couples happy and content, even with cultural and/or ethnic differences, is a great message that love isn't so much about appearance and customs as much as it is trust and acceptance. In some ways, dating a Filipina seems like applying for a job. You need to prove to her that you're deserving of her love. Also, you need to be consistent in what you say and do to avoid any confusion. Here are some of the perks on dating a Filipina.


The families in the Philippines have a tight bond with each other. When a Filipina thinks about dating, she is looking for a guy to not only show love to the her but also to her family, including those relatives beyond her immediate family. They are all close-knit, so don't be shocked to have to spend a lot of time with them. This is what you called 'Pagpanguyab (in Bisaya), Panliligaw (in Fagalog) and Courtship (in English)'. As a Filipina, this is my way of knowing if my manliligaw or suitor is dedicated and sincere to me and how much he is willing to do just to be with me. On the historical side, courting in the Philippines once involved a guy being willing tol do service for the girl’s family. Personally, I think it is not that hard to win the heart of a Filipina. You just have to show her how much she matters to you, how thankful you are for her, and how incomplete your life would be without her. I get it. American guys are not used to putting forth a lot of effort just to win a girl's heart, but remember, Filipinas are emotional and hard- to-get kind of women.


Filipinos are known to be very religious and devoted. They have their own beliefs that other people don't try to understand. If you are dating a Filipina who is religious, don't argue with her about her beliefs because this will just upset her. Open your heart and mind and listen to her. In my own experience, I strongly believe in God because he does miracles in people's live, and I can talk to him sincerely about everything...literally everything. On the negative side, not all the Filipinos are faithful to God, just as in America . Some Filipino families don't mind the cultural differences of the foreign suitors, but they focus on the suitor's religious beliefs. They want to feel a spirtual connection and be comfortable talking about these things.

Being a conservative person is reflective on how you are raised, but not all the people in the Philippines are raised in a conservative and nontraditional way.


Being a conservative person is reflective on how you are raised, but not all the people in the Philippines are raised in a conservative and traditional way. I know that for myself, how I dress doesn't define how I treat others and deal with my life and the people around me. It is your attitude that shows what kind of person you are. Filipina women want respect, love, loyalty and faithfulness from their lover. Being conservative is not a problem, you just have to understand her, and everything will fall into its proper place.


Filipinos are known to have a big heart when it comes to education. We are taught to be smart and wise in everything. If you have a Filipina girl, you can talk to her about everything and I know she will understand whatever it is. We are eager to learn, and I can say that we can be very resourceful. We know how to survive life. Trust me, we can be practical and at the same time impractical about anything. Talk to us. Tell us something you think we don't know and you will be surprised. We will have an opinion.


As a Filipina, I literally love to surprise someone with romantic gifts and gestures, and of course, I want it to happen to me, also. We tend to be very clingy, sweet, and generous. Being clingy means I can express myself through giving hugs and kisses to my lover unexpectedly, being sweet by constantly saying good morning, saying goodnight and also showing concern, not just in words, but in action. Lastly, the generous side of me is giving surprises on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. I know men love women more when they show affection, concern, unending love, time, and support in everything they do.


The Filipina woman is looking for a "Long Term Relationship" (LTR). They are not playing games when they say "yes" to a man. It can seem like a game, but it's not to the serious ones, and it's not about leaving when you get bored. A "Long Distance Relationship" (LDR), clearly defines a woman from the Philippines with a man from America who are sharing love despite the distance. It may be the hardest part of your relationship. I can personally say that when you truly love the person, the distance is not a hindrance to your relationship. I also noticed that if an American is serious about his relationship with a Filipina, he will come to the Philippines and bond with her and her family.Then he will have some hard decisions to make. Either he will have to stay here in the Philippines or the Filipina girl will have to go with him. Filipina women can handle a long distance relationship as long as there is no cheating. If both parties are committed, then surely it will last a long time.


I have observed here in the Philippines guys who like to guard or control his girlfriend. He doesn't seem to notice that she feels like she's in prison when she's treated that way. Give her "me time" and let her bond with her friends. I can say that in order to make a relationship last, a guy needs to spend enough time with his girl, show her that he cares, but at the same time, allow her the freedom to do things that may not include him. For example, I have a gig (as a singer) in a bar and I've been wanting for this for a long time. I need you to support me emotionally and give me the freedom to explore my dream. A Filipina wants to have a supportive man, rather than a super-possessive man. But, of course, that freedom needs to have some limitations on both sides. In short, a woman wants to have a man who is courageous and masculine enough to stand up and go after his biggest dreams and ambitions in life and encourage her to pursue her own dreams.


If an American guy has already had a lot of relationships, he will surely have doubts about every girl he meets, but not with a Filipina. She is a blessing because she can support you on your endeavors, she can be your best friend, your sister, your girlfriend, and sometimes a mom at the same time. You can be yourself when you're with her and she can bring out the better version of you. Filipinas are known to be loyal and supportive. She will always choose to decide by her heart, and she won't give up easily once she makes a commitment. I have a lot of patience, I can deal with the bad side of a man and of course the good side, I can take care of him, cook for him, love him and be faithful to him. All individuals have different personalities and cultures, but I am sure that when we try to understand each other there will be peace and oneness in our society.

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